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Global offer thanks to diversified sources all over the world. show-casing the latest trendy clothes, next to elegant womenswear, timeless menswear and fashionable accessories and shoes, from the most competitive offer to the most exclusive one.


All product categories are identified according to end use (i.e. Menswear, Womenswear, Kids, footwear, etc.). Designers and buyers can use this tool before moving onto selection of material, embellishments, etc.Suppliers have been selected both for bulk orders for basics and for high-end small orders for young designers or maisons de couture.


In the SERVICES & section, next to sourcing agents and buying offices, one can find, Q.C., forwarders, links to special NGOs working on sustainability, innovative tech companies as well as free-lance designers or fashion schools. ere again, type of services will range from supply chain in Asia or Italy to marketing for upcoming designers on-line and off-line!